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Update Emulex HBA Firmware on VMware ESX

If you have Emulex HBA’s in your ESX host and you need to update the firmware, you have several options.

One of them is doing this inside the Service Console with the help of HBAnywhere.

This can be downloaded and installed on your ESX Server. Download the HBAnyware Kit from here.  Keep in mind that there are specific versions for ESX 3.5 and vSphere. Install the rpm through rpm -ivh elxvmwarecorekit…rpm

Change your working directory to /usr/sbin/hbanywhere

cd /usr/sbin/hbanywhere

Get a list of all HBA’s with the command below.

Note that you can access all the Emulex HBA’s in the zone.  So if you have other servers in the zone, you might see other HBA’s as well!  Be careful when selecting your HBA!

./hbacmd ListHBAs

Select the Port WWN and use it in the following command:

./hbacmd Download WWN /tmp/lpe1150_wf282a4.all

You will receive a message that the Download is complete! That’s it!

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