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Add license to a vSphere host

This is a rather short PowerCLI post.

Licensing is not directly available in PowerCLI cmd-lets, so we’ll have to reach out to the SDK, which is easily accessible from PowerShell.  We’ll have to fetch a LicenseAssignmentManager to set the license, so this mean using quite some Get-View cmdlets.  These could all be combined into a single line of code but makes it hard to read.

$strVMHostName is the name of your ESX(i) server to license

$strLicense is your licensekey.  All zero’s like in the example sets the host to evaluation mode.



$strVMHostName = "HostName.domain.com"

$strLicense = "00000-00000-00000-00000-00000"


$objServiceInstance = Get-View -Id ServiceInstance -Property Content.LicenseManager

$objLicenseManager = Get-View -Id $objServiceInstance.Content.LicenseManager -Property LicenseAssignmentManager

$objLicenseAssignmentManager = Get-View -Id $objLicenseManager.LicenseAssignmentManager

$objVMHost = Get-View -ViewType "HostSystem" -Filter @{Name=$strVMHostName} -Property Config.Host

$objLicenseAssignmentManager.UpdateAssignedLicense($objVMHost.Config.Host.Value, $strLicense, $null)


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