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Get the trend of VM CPU Usage over a 1 year period

July 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Ever wondered what the trend is of all your VM’s CPU Usage?  You might see surprising things 🙂


The following script calculates the following things:

Perf1yAgo The average VM CPU usage over a 10 days timespan exactly 1 year ago
PerfNow The average VM CPU usage over the last 10 days
Trend 0 % = No change in CPU usage
100 % = CPU Usage doubled in a 1 year timespan
-50 % = CPU Usage is half of what it used to be 1 year ago

VM’s with no statistics available from 1 year ago are skipped.  PoweredOff VM’s are skipped as well.



Fire up PowerCLI and connect to one or more vCenter servers with Connect-VIServer.

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Set verbose logging on Emulex Driver in ESX 3.5

July 1, 2010 Leave a comment

If you’re troobleshooting SAN/HBA issues, it might come in handy to enable verbose logging on your Emulex HBA driver.

Run the following command to list the drivername

vmkload_mod -l | grep lpfc


The HBA driver is our case is lpfc_740 (lpfc stands for LightPulse Fibre Channel and 740 is the version number)

List the current options for the driver by entering

esxcfg-module -g lpfc_740


Run the following command to set the verbose logging option:

esxcfg-module -s lpfc_log_verbose=0xffff lpfc_740

You can run the esxcfg-module –g lpfc_740 command again to verify the settings:


Make the change (re)boot persistent

esxcfg-boot -b

Reboot your host (make sure no VM’s are running)


If you now check your vmkernel logfile (/var/log/vmkernel), you will see a LOT of entries from your HBA driver.


After you have done your stuff, make sure to disable to logging by running (basically, you will remove the lpfc_log_verbose option from the driver loading module)

esxcfg-module –s ‘’ lpfc_740

esxcfg-boot -b


After the reboot, open up your vmkernel logfile and verify the HBA driver entries no longer appear.

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