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Enable VASA on HP P4000 Lefthand SAN with vSphere 5

February 9, 2012 Leave a comment

On of the new features of vSphere 5 is VASA.  This allows vSphere to read the capabilities of your underlying SAN storage.  With this information, you can do all kinds of fancy stuff afterwards (Profile-Driven Storage, …)

For HP, it is supported on P4000 (Lefthand), P6000 (EVA) and P9000 (XP).  For VASA to function, you will need to install an additional component from HP called HP Insight Control Storage Module for vCenter.  The current version at moment of writing is 6.3.1.  And yeah, it’s free 🙂


The architecture looks like this:


In this example, we will install it on a seperate server called VASA.labo.local in our Ultimate vSphere Lab.  I already have a P4000 VSA running in that lab on a seperate iSCSI network.

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